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Web3ゲーム開発を行うMint Town、 新作Web3ゲーム『THE CHAIN HUNTERS(ザ・チェーンハンターズ)』を発表。 ゲームコンセプトは“賞金首を倒してトップハンターを狙え!” Mint Town, a company developing Web3 games, has unveiled information about their new Web3 game, "THE CHAIN HUNTERS."


Web3ゲームやプラットフォーム事業を手掛ける株式会社Mint Town(本社:東京都千代田区、代表取締役CEO:國光 宏尚、以下、Mint Town)は、同社が企画・運営を行う新作Web3ゲーム『THE CHAIN HUNTERS(ザ・チェーンハンターズ)』のサービス開始に向けて、公式サイトおよび、公式X(日・英)を公開したことをお知らせいたします。

『THE CHAIN HUNTERS(ザ・チェーンハンターズ) 』とは
『THE CHAIN HUNTERS』はRPGスタイルのWeb3ゲームです。人類が世界の王座から陥落し、デミヒューマンとアンドロイドたちが闊歩する世界「アフターワールド」で、ユーザーは賞金稼ぎとなり、遭遇する様々な賞金首を倒して「ダイヤ」※1を獲得します。

※ 開発中の画面イメージ

『THE CHAIN HUNTERS』のプレイに初期投資は不要で、iOS/Android向けアプリを通して無料で楽しむことができます。最新情報は公式SNSアカウントで発信してまいります。フォローをして最新情報をお待ちください。


『THE CHAIN HUNTERS』Mint Town渡部プロデューサーのメッセージ




しかし、開発を担当して学び進めるうちに、GameFi(Play to Earn)体験は、絶対に楽しいはずだと考えるようになりました。面白いゲームを遊んで、ゲームで獲得した報酬が資産価値を持つ。頑張ってプレイしたゲーム経験が思い出だけでなく資産に変わる。悪くないことだと考えます。


ゲーム好きなら馴染みのあるRPG。簡単で時間を取られないオートバトル。奥深い成長要素。初期投資不要のFree to Play。ガチャによるキャラクター獲得。ウォレット不要で報酬をギフト券で受け取れるシステム。


私たちは「Play to Earn」=「稼ぐために遊ぶ」ではなく、「Play and Earn」=「遊んで稼ぐ」を目指します。


TOKYO, Japan – March 29, 2024 – Mint Town, a company engaged in the Web3 game and platform business, is pleased to announce that it has released its official website and official X for the launch of its new Web3 game, THE CHAIN HUNTERS, planned and operated by Mint Town.

THE CHAIN HUNTERS is a blockchain game based on the concept of “Play and Earn.” It offers the familiar command-based RPG experience, simple auto-battles, deep growth elements, and an element of luck. This game is Free to Play without any initial costs and features distinctive characters obtainable through gacha. It includes a guild system for enjoying with friends and guild competition, where the rewards can be converted into cryptocurrency. Additionally, rewards can be exchanged for other gift vouchers, allowing even those without a crypto wallet to easily enjoy the Play and Earn model. We will be sharing the latest information on our official social media accounts. Please follow us to stay updated with the latest news.

Official links to THE CHAIN HUNTERS
Official Website: http://www.thechainhunters.com/
Official X: https://twitter.com/TCH_GB
White Paper:https://the-chain-hunters.gitbook.io/en/

“THE CHAIN HUNTERS” Message from Mint Town’s Producer, Watabe

“Shady one?”

Upon hearing about games utilizing cryptocurrency, many might harbor such feelings, right?

I felt the same at the beginning. However, as I took on the role of developer and advanced my learning, I came to believe that the GameFi (Play to Earn) experience could indeed be enjoyable. Playing engaging games where the rewards have real asset value, and the gaming experience, fueled by effort, turns into not just memories but tangible assets. I see it as a positive aspect.

With this work, we aim to create something different from previous Web3 games—something not shady and more accessible.

A familiar RPG for gamers, simple and time-efficient auto-battles, deep growth elements, Free to Play without initial investment, character acquisition through gacha, and a system where rewards can be received as gift vouchers without needing a wallet.

Solo efforts don’t last long, be it hobbies or work. Hence, in this game, we introduce a guild system to realize “playing and earning together.”

We aim not for “Play to Earn” = “playing to earn” but “Play and Earn” = “earning by playing.”

We, the team, are committed to meeting everyone’s expectations with this game, whether you are a crypto user or someone completely new to this. We look forward to your support.